Investment Strategies

DCM Advisors and its Affiliate, Lisanti Capital Growth, Offer a Broad Range of Stock, Bond and Cash Investment Strategies


Managed by DCM AdvisorsINNOVA StrategiesSMAMutual Fund
Systematic Global Equity
Systematic US Equity
US High Dividend Income InnovationDCM/INNOVA High Dividend Income Innovation Fund
US Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth, Low VolatilityCopley Fund
Lebenthal Municipal StrategiesSMAMutual Fund
Tax-Free Ultra Short Duration BondLebenthal Ultra Short Tax-Free Fund
Lebenthal U.S. Municipal Bond Strategy
Lebenthal Taxable Bond
Custom Duration Bond


Managed by Lisanti Capital GrowthLisanti StrategiesSMAMutual Fund
US SMID Cap Growth Equities
US Small Cap Growth EquitiesLisanti Small Cap Growth Fund


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