Our Firm

In September 2017, DCM Advisors, LLC (formerly known as Dinosaur Capital Management, LLC) (“DCM”) hired certain portfolio managers who were previously employed at Lebenthal Asset Management, LLC (“LAM”). These two portfolio teams, the Heckman Group, led by Leila Heckman, and the Serbe Group, led by Gregory Serbe, provide portfolio management services in international equities and municipal bonds, respectively. Each group manages separately managed portfolios for institutional and/or high net worth clients. The Heckman Group also provides research subscription services to institutional clients related to international equities.

Additionally, in September 2017, Dinosaur Group Holdings, LLC, the parent company of DCM,  acquired from LAM a minority interest in Lisanti Capital Growth, LLC (“Lisanti”), a woman owned registered investment advisor specializing in small and small-mid (SMID) cap investing. As such, DCM and Lisanti are affiliated entities. Lisanti manages separately managed accounts and is the investment adviser to the Dinosaur Lisanti Small Cap Growth Fund (ASCGX). For more information about Lisanti and the Dinosaur Lisanti Small Cap Growth Fund, please see the attached links: www.lisanticap.com and www.dinosaurlisanti.com.

In addition to the new portfolio teams that joined DCM, DCM continues to provide advisory services to high net worth individuals. This business is managed by Steven Roseman.

For more information about Dinosaur Group Holdings, LLC and its affiliates, please visit www.dinogroup.com