DCM Advisors is an independent organization dedicated to providing unique Wealth Management Services to individual investors.
DCM is and is capable of providing the following services:

  • Investment Advice
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Special Projects
  • Investment Advice:

    In an ever changing world it is necessary to constantly reevaluate one's investment strategy in regard to asset allocation, risk perception and financial providers.

    DCM will advise on asset allocation for the short and long term, considering the individual needs of the client. These needs may range from wealth and capital preservation to establishing a constant flow of revenues. DCM will search for the best options considering geographical allocation, asset classes and above all the interdependence of these combinations, providing a comprehensive evaluation of risk and return.

    DCM will supervise, but not execute, any client mandate. Having limited powers of attorney from the client allows DCM access to pertinent information, but does not allow any form of transactions.

    DCM is located in New York – with offices in London, Zurich, Miami and São Paulo which permits its staff to be constantly in the forefront of the financial and business world.

    Financial Consolidation:

    With the development of global investment diversification, it has become standard practice in the industry for an investor to have more than a single account provider. More often than not, the total integration of these multiple portfolios is not executed by the investor.

    DCM will not only consolidate the values or all accounts, but will also provide reports regarding:
  • returns per institution
  • returns per asset class
  • consolidated cash flow
  • revenue and cost analysis
  • future projections of expected returns based on the existing assets
  • Such an integrated consolidation is an important tool for past analysis, but even more important to review and redefine future investments.
    Clients are welcomed to hire outside counsel and auditing to verify all reports executed by DCM.

    Special Projects:

    The special needs of a client may range from a detailed evaluation of a specific fund to a financial institution. It may also demand fiduciary structures and cross legal and tax implications. In order to provide these services DCM has partnered with recognized experts in these and other fields.

    About DCM:

    DCM Advisors, LLC is a fully insured New York State registered investment advisor and family office. In order to maintain its independence, DCM does not enter into agreements with suppliers of their clients, nor their partners.

    DCM has as a strategic alliance with the Dinogroup, which specializes in global market access. Dinosaur Securities is an international broker/dealer speciailzing in ermegring market securities.

    DCM's compensation policy is based exclusively on fees.

    Managing Partner:

    Alan Dayan

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